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What Are Lettuce And Types Of Lettuce

Do your sandwiches and salads consist of the same iceberg lettuce? If your knowledge of food is limited to just the most common varieties, we'll tell you that there's an entire world of lettuces that you haven't even considered. From watercress to arugula. The various Types Of Lettuce found in the aisles in grocery stores and farmer's markets come with a wide range of shades, textures, and flavors. So if you're ready to discover the world of lettuces, look at this extensive list of lettuces we've compiled for you.

Different Types Of Lettuce

Let's take a look at the most well-known varieties of lettuce to aid you in meeting the requirements of your salad.


It is known for its spicy flavor. Arugula leaves are dark green and are lengthy and spiked. The leaves may also be smaller and more round. They are renowned for their pungency which creates a taste that is coveted. They aren't susceptible to wilting and last longer in the refrigerator. Arugula works well with dressings that are tangy, such as lemon garlic vinaigrette, or with strong flavors such as blue cheese. Ideal for salads, it can be wilted into pasta and served with pizzas, and burgers, or used as a garnish for dishes.

Belgian Endive

With a lot of flavors, crunch and crunch Belgian endives are compact and tight heads of lettuce that possess somewhat of a bitter taste. It is recommended to use them only in conjunction with other salad leaves. It is due to this that many people prefer to roast it until perfect caramelization before adding it to salads or other dishes. Belgian endive is usually of an oval shape with an incredibly soft and satiny texture. It is best eaten as a whole, cut in salads, or on a platter of crudites with dip.

Butterhead Lettuce

Butterhead lettuce is soft in texture and has a large form, growing leaves from a small head. The leaves are cupped and are great with a mild flavor dressing like lemon vinaigrette or honey mustard. Use it in burgers, or for lettuce wraps.

Batavia Lettuce

Contrary to most other salad leaves, Batavia lettuce is more adjusted to warmer climates. It's crunchy and sweet and fresh. Their ruffled edges can give salads a more textured look. Batavia is available in colored leaves that are red or green. It is delicious when served with honey-mustard vinaigrette, or balsamic dressing.

Chrysanthemum Greens

Chrysanthemum leaves are soft and are known for their spicy flavor. They are a little older than the greens are and more flavorful they are. The older, larger greens are bitter and can be balanced through cooking. It is widely used extensively in Korean, Chinese, and Japanese dishes to add flavor to soups, hot pot stir-fries, stews, and other dishes. Dandelion leaves have a bitter and sharp flavor that can be tempered by either boiling or braising them. They're a taste that's acquired however, they add an intense flavor to dishes and pair well with vinegar-based dressings.


Usually, in yellow or green shades, frisee lettuces come with curly leaves that taste bitter. They are crunchy on the stem, but the curly, ruffled edges add the appearance of salads. This is the basis for the traditional French bistro. It is paired perfectly with poached eggs and bacon. Ideal for salads raw or sauteed and wilted for use in stews. Iceberg lettuce is the kind that is used the most in salads. It is crisp and refreshing and possesses an extremely high amount of water in it. For more details on iceberg lettuce, read the 5 amazing benefits of Iceberg Lettuce. Great for salads, tacos and burgers, and sandwiches. Soft in texture and with some crunch, little gem lettuce is famous for its delicate flavor. It is delicious with light vinaigrettes, such as ginger vinaigrette, as well as lemonade dressing. The crunchiness of the leaves is a great match for the freshness of radishes or the earthy grass taste of blanched and slightly steam-cooked asparagus.

Great For Sandwiches And Salads

Mache can be seen in the form of tiny flowers of leaves that are dark and green that are arranged in a cluster around the root. They must be cleaned well since they are likely to accumulate sand on the root. They have a mild and sweet flavor. They are often blended with other vegetables to create salads since they are too small and delicate to make the base. Try this with a shallot vinaigrette dressing. Ideal for salads, or in omelets, rice, soups, or soups. Mesclun is not a specific kind of lettuce, but rather a random mix of delicate and tender young lettuce leaves. Mesclun means "mixed" in Provencal. They're a mixture of different varieties of lettuce and could also include baby spinach, or other tiny green leafy vegetables, too.


The best raw version is an assortment of salads with the traditional French vinaigrette dressing or a mixture of dressings. An Asian kind of mustard leaves. Mizuna is spiky and sharp dark green leaves that have the contrast of a delicate and soft texture. They are peppery and spicy. The addition of little sesame seeds or a light vinaigrette dressing on top will help reduce the spice. Mochi soup is traditionally served with a light vinaigrette dressing. Japanese mochi soup is usually made with mizuna-collard greens. The best soups are served in pasta, salads, and stir-fries.

Oakleaf Lettuce

The Oakleaf variety of lettuce is a kind of loose-leaf lettuce that is available in a variety of varieties: green, bronze, and red. They are compact heads like cabbage but they have leaves that remain loose and are only attached to the bottom. Smaller leaves are edible in whole pieces, whereas the larger ones might require to be cut into bite-size pieces.


Purslane is a type of wild green often seen in meadows and parks. It has thick and spongy leaves. They also have a slightly salty or sour taste similar to spinach. For more information on the therapeutic benefits of purslane check out 10 amazing Purslane Benefits. Purslane Raw and cooked are the best choices in salads, juices and sandwiches dips, pesto, stir-fries quiches.


If you're a fan of Caesar salad, you'll be aware of the meaning of Romaine salad. It has large, stiff leaves and is quite crisp due to its bitter, thick center rib. It is a great choice with delicious creamy sauces or an easy vinaigrette dressing. To learn more, look up our article about the 15 amazing benefits of Romaine Lettuce. Use them for lettuce wraps, salads, stir-fries, or spring rolls, wraps, and salads.


Radicchio is an intense red-purple leafy vegetable that is well-known for having a bitter and spicy flavor. If you sauté or boil the leaves they can become sweeter, and turn brown. Another type is called speckled radicchio which is semi-green but is relatively gentle and not bitter compared to its reddish-purple cousins. The best use is to make Italian dishes or as a component of various salads.


It is known for its spicy flavor the watercress (Nasturtium officinale) is a fantastic option to sprinkle on salads. The older the plant, the more sharp the flavor of the leaves. Therefore, it's recommended to toss the leaves using a dressing made with Feta, or yogurt and buttermilk to reduce the intensity.


Lettuce is a tasty and healthy way to reap all the health benefits. Lettuce is low in calories and high in vitamins and fiber and may help you shed weight or keep an ideal weight. If you are thinking about trying healthy and delicious lettuce for yourself at your door in Canada? In Levantine Restaurant, you can get it! Our restaurant also offers other healthy foods. Check out our menu to discover the various healthy items.

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