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Nutrition And Health Benefits Of Fava Beans

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

If you're wondering in the well-known health benefits of fava beans "and a nice Chianti" like Anthony Hopkins' character from Silence of the Lambs would be, is it a great choice or not? Then you're in the right spot. They aren't only a great option to those who are looking for an enjoyable and healthy getaway as well as a favorite of food lovers and experts due to the numerous and exciting methods they can be cooked. Let's look more deeply at their health and nutrition contents in this piece.

What Are Fava Beans?

Fava beans, sometimes referred to by different names such as broad beans, faba bean and Vicia Fava, belong to the pea family and beans, known as the Fabaceae. They come in many types and forms, such as in pods dried, canned, and frozen. They are a popular component within diets of the Middle Eastern diet, mainly due to their protein-rich and fat content, but they have also been gaining attention throughout the world due to their sweet and earthy taste and, of course, their health benefits, which we'll discuss in greater detail in the following paragraphs.

Fava Beans Benefits

With their abundant nutrient supply Fava beans offer a variety of advantages, including helping to treat Parkinson's disease, preventing birth defects as well as improving bone health and combating anemia. Let's look more in depth at them in the following.

Treat The Symptoms Of Parkinson's

According to a study that was published back in 2013, the fava bean because of their L-dopa-rich C-dopa levels, can help improve motor performance of people who suffer from Parkinson's disease through increasing blood levels of dopamine.Another study found that when Parkinson's disease patients were given 250 grams , or 1.5 cups of Fava beans per day and their blood dopamine levels were elevated in line with those of L-dopa medication. Fava beans can also be added to other Parkinson's medications like carbidopa, to achieve reduction in the symptoms. However, it isn't recommended to replace your prescription medications for Parkinson's with Fava beans, since further research on this subject is required.

May Help Combat Depression And Anxiety

Fava beans also can be described as a food that is a good feeling thanks to the large amounts of L-dopa, as well as B vitamins found in these beans. The latter is a chemical that functions as an ingredient in the production of neurochemicals that are found in the brain, such as dopamine and norepinephrine, and epinephrine.These neurotransmitters all play crucial functions in facilitating positive mood and stress-relief.In the same way, the high concentrations of B vitamins found in Fava beans could also aid in promoting positive mental well-being. One study found that an insufficient intake of B vitamins among adolescents can be linked with depression emotions. So having more fava beans can be a method to be more positive.

May Prevent Birth Defects

Based on the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention Fava beans are a source of the highest amount of folate, containing 106 percent of the recommended daily requirements for a 100g portion. Folate is among the most vital nutrients required for the development of the fetus. It assists in the formation of organs and cells that are needed by the fetus and reduces the possibility for neural tube problems. A study conducted in Boston University School of Medicine Boston University School of Medicine discovered that women who had plenty of folate during the initial months of their pregnancy were at an incredibly lower risk of developing brain and spinal cord issues in their infants thus making broad beans a great food option for them.

Improve Bone Health

Fava beans, which are high in manganese, zinc, copper, and calcium, have been proven to aid in improving the health of bones. According to research, a single cup of 100 grams serving of fava beans has 43 mg manganese. Manganese aids in reducing calcium deficiencies within the body, thus lessening the risk of developing osteoporosis-related diseases and loss of bone in older women.

May Help Fight Anemia

Because of the iron content of the fava bean, they can help combat the signs of anemia such as fatigue weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, and many more. Iron increases the production of hemoglobin within the body that aids in the transport of oxygen to cells. So the regular consumption of Fava beans could help in preventing anemia, too. While an important thing to remember is people suffering from G6PD deficiency should not consume these beans because they can cause a second blood disorder, hemolytic anemia.

Manage Blood Pressure

Due to the high manganese and potassium content of Fava beans, they may aid in controlling blood pressure. According to research studies on the DASH diet, foods rich in manganese as well as potassium can relax blood vessels and reduce blood pressure. It also lowers the chance of suffering from a stroke or heart attack.

May Work As A Diabetic-Friendly Food

Beans are an excellent choice for those who have trouble with blood sugar levels since they meet all the criteria for a food that is diabetic-friendly. They're considered to be low in the glycemic index, which means they produce a slow, steady supply of glucose rather than the immediate sugar spike that comes with simple carbs.The fiber content of fava beans is what increases the effectiveness of glycemic control of these huge greens. Furthermore, fava beans have impressive levels of polyphenols. They could help to prevent the progression in type 2 diabetes via their antioxidant benefits.

May Promote Weight Loss

1 cup (or 170-gram) portion of fava beans contains about 180 calories, which makes them an ideal food option for those who want to shed weight. According to research conducted at the University of Washington School of Medicine and Health Sciences, they also provide an abundance of fiber and protein that can help increase the sensation of fullness in your stomach, thereby reducing the desire or need to take in more.

Help Lower Cholesterol Levels

Fava beans are high in insoluble and soluble fiber that aids in binding cholesterol and eliminating it out of your system. Fava beans are highly regarded by health experts for their rich supply of fiber from the diet both insoluble and soluble. Apart from helping to keep your digestive system functioning well, the fibrous quality of this legume is able to help improve the health of your heart.There is sufficient research-based evidence to indicate that the fiber soluble present in food items, like Fava beans, is able to bind to the low-density lipoprotein (LDL which is also known as bad cholesterol) in the bloodstream. This assists in the elimination of LDL of the body.This was evident by healthy adults and those with high cholesterol. It could be a big help to keep your heart in good health.

Boost Immunity

Fava beans are an excellent supply of copper, an essential mineral that regulates the growth and production in healthy blood cells. Copper is also a key ingredient in the function of the white blood cells which eliminate pathogens that cause disease within the body. The research also shows the role that broad beans play in promoting antioxidant or free-radical fighting capabilities in individuals as they age.

Fava Beans Nutrition

Fava beans are a great source of energy, with 100 grams providing 110 calories. They are high in carbohydrates, protein and fiber. They have moderate sugar levels, which give them a sweet flavor. In terms of nutrients, the fava beans contain calcium as well as magnesium, iron and potassium. They also contain phosphorus and sodium as well as zinc. They also contain a range of vitamins, like Vitamin C, Thiamin Niacin, riboflavin folate, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamins A E, K, and A which makes them a healthy and delicious food item to add to your daily diet.


Fresh Fava beans, as well as frozen, canned dry, salted and roasted versions can be found in the market worldwide. Fava beans are easy to cook and are mildly sweet with an earthy taste and melt like butter when you bite them. Fava Beans are tasty and healthy way to reap all the health benefits. If you are thinking about trying healthy and delicious fava beans dishes for yourself at your door in Canada? In Levantine Restaurant, you can get it! Our restaurant also offers other healthy foods. Check out our menu to discover the various healthy items.

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