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All About Shawarma, History, Preparation and Serving

According to experts in the field of history who study the history of the modern shawarma date back to the regal Ottoman Empire (roughly the present-day Turkey) around the late 18th and 19th centuries. Actually, the term "shawarma" itself is believed to originate from its Turkish phrase "cevirme" which describes the distinctive "turning" cooking style of the delicious dish.

Today, Shawarma is widely recognized as a part of Levantine food, which is very popular in the areas that are part of the Middle East as well as the Mediterranean seaboard. For Greece as well as Northern Africa, you have Kebab that is made using the same grilling method.

Turkish Empire

The dish might have gained popularity across the region because of the influence and expansion of the Ottoman Empire and the Turkish empire. Actually, the term shawarma was believed to originate from its Turkish term "cevirme", which describes the cooking process that turns the meat. The grilling method that is still in use nowadays, involves placing the meat-like cone on a vertical or horizontal spit and cooking it for hours in hot firewood or coals. The axial rotation makes sure it is evenly cooked on every side.

Traditional Levantine Food

The exact origins of the Shawarma is not known, but the delicious meal is described as a part of the traditional Levantine food, which is very popular in the area that encompasses the Middle East and the Mediterranean. Different regional varieties of the shawarma are available however the fundamental ingredients are present.

Indeed, culinary variations or similar variations of Shawarma are not just throughout regions like the Middle East and the Mediterranean as well as in other regions like Northern Africa. In Greece, there is the Gyro. Also, in Turkey, they offer doner kebab. Both are cooked using the same grilling technique using a spit.

Slow-cooked Meat with Warm Bread

The shawarma invokes a process of slow-cooked meat with warm bread. It is delicious food you can find at a corner deli during an afternoon break. Although shawarma is unfairly classified by many in the industry as a fast-food product, it's more than just the exotic counterpart to the traditional sandwich. It is a traditional wrap in a delectable dessert.

Preparation Of Shawarma

Shawarma is prepared by stacking fat strips and pieces of meat that have been seasoned on a spit that is vertical. A tomato, onion, or a lemon halved can be added to the top of the stack to provide decorative purposes. The shawarma stack will rotate slowly over a period of time as it cooks on an oven that continually roasts the outside layer.

The meat is cooked slowly across all sides while the spit spins before or on top of the flame for several hours. Electric or gas heat is used. Previously the spit was enclosed by a cage that held wood or charcoal that was burning. Certain restaurants have two or more choices of meat some restaurants offer only one.

Shawarma is marinated with a variety of spices and seasonings like cumin, turmeric, and paprika. It is made by placing thinly cut pieces of meat, such as beef, lamb, or chicken, on the skewer, which is a huge rotating cone. It can also be cooked using extra fat of the meat, giving the meat a juicer flavor.

Serving Of Shawarma

After the shawarma has been cooked, it's usually cut or shaved with a thin knife. All that is needed is cut into long, thin strips. The meat is served in a pita wrap, sandwich, wrap or wrap and is served with a variety of vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles, as well as turnips. The best part of shawarma is it can mix with whatever vegetables or sauces you prefer! The most popular sauces that are used in a wrap for shawarma are garlic, tahini, and Hummus.

Shawarma Bowl

The other ways to eat the shawarma is in a bowl with a variety of vegetables or served on plates with rice or fries or salads like Tabbouleh and Fattoush or cooked vegetables. What you do with the shawarma is dependent on you!

Where To Find Mouth Watering Shawarma

Shawarma is a kind of street food located in a variety of countries in the Middle East. It is easily purchased at street vendors and eaten at-a-go. But if you are thinking about trying this delicious Shawarma to yourself on your door in Canada? In Levantine Restaurant, you can get it as a wrap, in bowls, or on a platter! Our restaurant offers Beef or Chicken Shawarma. The meat is slow-cooked to perfection that gives you the taste of succulent and delicious meat in each bite. Check out our menu to discover the various ways to try the shawarma.

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