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All About Poutine

Poutine is a delectable dish made from French fries that are topped with cheese curds that are fresh and served with thick brown gravy. It is a regional dish that originated in the region in Quebec but has grown to become an extremely popular dish across Canada.

For some poutine is a must-have comfort food. It is a huge mess, but tastes delicious. It's typically associated with fast food establishments, pubs, sports arenas and food truck trucks. It's rarely considered to be a part of a fine dining experience. There have been efforts to change the perception of this however now it is available in Canada.

Poutine was first introduced in Quebec in the 1950s, when the first poutine was introduced in Quebec. It is unclear who invented it as well as the source of the name. Though many people outside of Quebec refer to poutine as "poo-teen" however, the correct pronunciation, at the very least in Quebec, is "poo-tin".

For the uninitiated it appears to be just a soupy heap of gravy, fries, with half-melted cheese curds. However, in Canada the famous food that is the signature dish of Quebec is a source of pride in the culinary world. Over half a century since it first came to prominence in rural Quebec and across the country are offering fresh twists to the classic dish, adding the syrup of maple or pulled pork lobster in the stew.

These are the seven most important facts regarding poutine that you probably didn't know:

  • It is generally accepted that poutine was first invented in the year 1957, when a trucker requested the French chef Fernand Lachance to include cheese curds the fries he was serving in Warwick, Que.

  • "Poutine" refers to Quebec Slang for "a messy."

  • The average man would need to run for 2.5 hours to get rid of the 1,422 calories in the poutine that is country-style (bacon gravy, chicken fries, onions, fries and mushrooms) accessible across the country at Smoke's Poutinerie.

  • In the 1970s New York and New Jersey Poutine could be found as a night-time aperitif food at nightclubs. The dish was referred to as "disco fries."

  • In the 2010 contest for eating poutine in Toronto the winner, Pat "Deep Dish" Bertoletti of Chicago consumed 5.9 kilograms of poutine.

  • The largest poutine ever made in the world was created at Saguenay, Que., and weighed 654 kilograms, which is about the same as a huge horse.

Making Poutine

Poutine is Canada's most popular dish appearing on lots of American menus at restaurants and bars lately. It's a delicious Canadian classic that is now making its way to America. What does it mean? Why would you choose to add it to your menu? To find out more about this delicious snack and how it can increase the revenue of your restaurant or bar continue reading.

What is poutine?

Poutine is a well-known Canadian fast food made from french fries that are coated with cheese curds and gravy. It is a very popular appetizer since it blends the salty cheese curds and the meaty gravy and the crunchy french fries. Poutine is also a great snack to serve at bars and works well with light beers as well as bitter IPAs. One of the most important ingredients of poutine are cheese curds. They can be difficult to locate on the shelves in the U.S. If you're trying to make authentic poutine it's impossible to substitute them. You'll locate cheese curds in the cheese store or in special stores.

What Is Poutine Meaning?

The meaning behind the word "poutine" isn't completely clear. Some believe that it is derived in the English as well as the French word "poutine. Others believe that the word originated from Quebec in the form of a colloquial expression to mean "mess," which is the way it was described at the time it was first invented.

The History of Poutine

Similar to the source of the term "poutine," the history of this food is not clear. There are a variety of tales of the origins of poutine, however they all go back to the year 1957 located in the rural part of Quebec. It is believed that the initial poutine was made up of cheese curds and french fries and gravy. It was added a couple of years later in 1964.

The dish became well-known throughout the U.S. during the late 1970s, though it was known as "disco fries" in America. It was a popular dish across New Jersey and New York and was typically consumed following an evening of dancing and drinking and hence it has the "disco" that is in its name. Disco fries were akin to poutine, they had certain differences, including the fact that disco fries utilized cheddar cheese or mozzarella cheese instead of curds of cheese.

Where To Find Poutine?

Poutine is a kind of street food located in Canada. It is easily purchased at street vendors and eaten at-a-go. But if you are thinking about trying this delicious Shawarma to yourself on your door in Canada? In Levantine Restaurant, you can get it.

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